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(Sign A) This building was a Military Blockhouse built at the Grand Ronde Agency by Willamette Valley settlers in 1856. U.S.

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Many of Oregon's early transportation routes resulted from the efforts of enterprising pioneers like the Boone family of Clackamas County.

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During the period of Oregon’s Provisional Government (1841-1849), residents traveled by Indian trails, water courses, or on primitive rough-hewn wagon roads etched by emigrant settlers.

Dr. Wilhelm Keil founded here a Christian co-operative colony patterned after his colony at Bethel, Missouri. Musicians of the settlement made it widely famous. After Dr.

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Established as Provisional Government Park in 1913 to commemorate May 2, 1843 meeting of the "Inhabitants of the Willamette Settlements" to organize a civil government.

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The first trading post in the Willamette Valley was located on the Prairie Knoll just east of this point.

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Personally, my favorite tourist attractions are ones where you can do a number of things at once.

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