Heiser Farms


The owners of Heiser Farms, John and Kristi Heiser, moved to Grand Island in 1991 to realize their dream of living on a farm and raising their children in such a rural setting. They grow strawberries and mellons, in addition to growing pumpkins for the local markets.

The idea for creating a Pumpkin Patch was thought of after they remodeled the old red barn on their property and saw the opportunity to turn it into a center for social gatherings. In the fall of 1994, the Heisers opened their farm to the public, school visitors and weekend outings in particular. They saw a huge increase in popularity thanks to the pumpkin patch and they needed to expand to support this increase in popularity. In 2008 they purchased a nearby farm and over the course of two years they renovated the farm with a fully restored barn and corn dryer building, as well as a full commercial kitchen for accomodating social events.

The family friendly atmosphere of the Heiser farms make it an excellent place to relax and enjoy the late summer and early fall days, and an excellent place to bring your family for a prime, bright orange pumpkin for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Heiser Farms

21425 SE Grand Island Loop, Dayton, OR 97114
(503) 868-7512