If you like motorcycles, imagine strolling into your garage to find over a dozen bikes you would love to ride. Now imagine you’re on a weekend getaway and you get to choose your ride to rent for the day. Doesn’t get much better, huh? Well that’s exactly the experience you’ll have with a MotoFantasy vacation, a one-of-a-kind getaway for anyone who loves feeling the open road on two wheels. 

Doug Watt has created a motorcycle destination resort. An adjunct to the already well-established DiamondStone Guest Lodges in the heart of Central Oregon, it is centrally located to dozens of scenic loop rides in all directions. Doug has more than 40 years of motorcycling experience, and from the look of the garage library, also has every motorcycle magazine printed since 1970. The private collection’s theme is iconic motorcycles that he thought people would want to ride, but might not choose to own. Some are vintage (1955 Vincent Black Shadow), or historic (1982 Honda CBX 6-cylinder), or rare (Harley Davidson XR1200 race bike). He has vast knowledge of the motorcycle world, and is quick to share it. There’s a classic Kawasaki Ninja 900 like Tom Cruise rode in “Top Gun.” The most obscure bike? Maybe the Buell? And what’s a Rickman?

“We try to have a broad selection, with sport bikes or touring, older models and new” Doug said. “People always want to ride what they don’t have, so I try to pick things that are different, or unique. I have a long list of bikes that I want to get, and we’re always selling and buying to keep it fresh. We’re expecting soon to receive the brand new 2013 Norton Commando, one of only a few being shipped to the United States. It’s a classic brand that is coming back,” he said. “It’s the poster child for MotoFantasy because only 40 or 50 people are going to have one, and here, you can rent and ride it.” 

MotoFantasy, located south of Bend, Oregon, is not just about renting motorcycles. Visitors can stay for a night or weekend or a week, comfortably settled into a 4-star lodging unit. DiamondStone has a wide variety of those too. The 5 bedroom Homestead vacation rental is great for clubs. A secluded log cabin is on acreage on the Little Deschutes River. There are bed and breakfast rooms with yummy breakfasts, or individual suites with kitchenettes. All are relaxing places to stay while exploring all around beautiful Oregon. 

“This location is ideal. From here you can take short or long rides, with or without your sweetheart passenger, but for sure without carrying cumbersome luggage like you would on most motorcycle vacations,” Watt said.

Their website has planned routes from which to choose, or plan your own; trips are unguided. Central Oregon is the perfect place to ride, from curvy mountain roads to clocking miles of highway. The climate is dry and skies are clear. Crater Lake is just over an hour south. Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway is just around the corner. There you’ll have gorgeous Cascade Mountain views. With their knowledge of the area, MotoFantasy staff will guide visitors to the special sites to see in the area, as well as the best restaurants while enjoying some great roads.

MotoFantasy also offers daily or weekly motorcycle rentals to non lodgers, but the business really fits for people who want to stay at DiamondStone and try out a different bike each day.  Dual-purpose BMW-GS and Kawasaki-KLR bikes are also available to ride on guided tours of the many Forest Service back roads. 

About MotoFantasy (from www.motofantasy.NET): Dreams really DO come true. MotoFantasy Adventures, hosted at DiamondStone Guest Lodges, is THE motorcycle destination vacation experience. Combining 4 decades of motorcycle riding with 2 decades of lodging and hospitality experience to thousands of guests from around the world, we've created the ultimate gear head adventure. Rent and ride different bikes on a variety of spectacular Central Oregon scenic roads each day. We are here to help the Moto-Addicted. Fantasies do come true. We will see to it."  

What to bring:  Riders must have a legal driver’s license motorcycle endorsement, and riding experience. If you are a new rider, Doug will check your skills before allowing you to ride the more powerful bikes. While MotoFantasy can provide some gear, you should bring your own to be comfortable.  

Tip: The motorcycle stable is always filled with great bikes, but it is also always changing. Check the website, but call Doug with questions for more details.  
Season:  MotoFantasy is open year-round. 

By Patrick Johnson