Violet Rose


There are those people in your life who you just have a hard time buying gifts for.

To be honest, I am one of those people. If I really want something, I am the type of person to work and scrap and buy it for myself.

We all have them in our lives, the mother-in-law that baffles your Christmas shopping list, or the daughter whose tastes are just a mystery.

Well there is an answer, Violet Rose.

Located in Carlton, this shop is filled with unique jewelry, walking sticks and other items that are sure to please that hard to shop for person on your list. What makes it even more special, is that much of the items are locally created and hand-picked by the owners.

Joni Anderson and Jami Egland, twin sisters, opened the store and then named it after their mom, Violet, and their mom’s best friend, Rose.

“We have always wanted to be in business together and this is something that we are interest in,” said Anderson. “This store is mostly about accessories and unique gifts. We figured while people were doing the wine circuit, it would be nice to have them see some different items.”

You can tell the store is a labor of love for the two sisters, who are constantly looking for products to feature.  In addition, like many places in Carlton, family and friends will wander in and share with visitors great places to visit, to eat or just a good place to drive in the countryside. It has a home-town feel that is missing in many of the larger cities in Oregon.

Anderson has a background in wholesale is always on the lookout for special deals or unique items.

“We basically buy what we like, and so far it has been really working,” said Egland. “We also have souvenirs for Carlton, mugs, T-shirts and other items.”

What I liked about Violet Rose is that even though they have a lot of jewelry on display, there are still items that guys would enjoy. Some of my favorite were rocks and minerals made into lamps or displays, shaving bowls and even the “I love Carlton” mugs, shirts and coffee travel thermoses.

Anderson also ran an art gallery with her husband in McMinnville, and her artistic eye really comes through in the products, displays and front window of the shop.

Personally my favorite item in the store was called a “Dammit Doll.” To me, they look much more therapeutic than a stress ball. What you do is grab a leg of the hand-made doll (they say no two are alike), and slam it on your desk, table, chair – whatever is closest and say, “Dammit!” Believe me, it works when you are on deadline.

If you are looking for hand crafted soaps, journals, salt and pepper shakers, scarves – just about anything that would be considered a unique gift, Violet Rose is a great place to stop while you explore Yamhill Valley wine country.

“We are constantly updating our inventory as we find new things,” Egland said. “That’s one of the things we try to pride ourselves on, each time you visit, we try to have something new.”

If you are looking for jewelry, they sisters have six cases filled with local jewelry in a wide price range.

About Violet Rose:  A unique gift shop that leans toward jewelry, but has many different items for that special someone. Owned and operated by two twin sisters, this is the quintessential Carlton business that is friendly, affordable and easy to get to.  

Tip: Take some time to talk with these amazing ladies who have been involved in the Carlton community for over a decade. They have a wealth of knowledge of the surrounding area, and each piece in their store comes with a story – simply asking will be your reward.

Season:  The store is open year-round.

Getting there:  Violet Rose is located at 131 S. Pine Street, Carlton right near downtown.  

By Patrick Johnson