Cities: Canby

Canby is a thriving agricultural and residential community of 12,790. The surrounding area contains some of the richest farmland in Oregon. Local nurseries produce a wide variety of plants, bulbs and seeds. Canby has the largest served industrial area in Clackamas County. It's development is actively promoted by the city government and an economic development committee. Major annual events include the award winning Clackamas County Fair, General Canby Days and Summer Concerts in the Park. The community is located on the Willamette River and Highway 99E, just 4 miles from I-5. Employers include Johnson Controls-Battery, Willamette Egg Farms, Cutsforth Thriftway, Package Containers Inc., McGill & Son Nursery and J V Northwest.

Nestled behind the Fred Meyer store in Canby you will find a jewel of a park that captures the heritage of the area, as a small industrial park grows around it.

From Interstate 5 take Highway 228 (exit 216) east through Brownsville to Crawfordsville. Crawfordsville Bridge is located at the west end of Crawfordsville, beside Highway 228.

Attraction: Covered Bridges

A 3.5 mile paved trail that bisects Canby and offers bikers, skaters, walkers and runners a quiet, long stretch of trail they can exercise on. It starts at 13th Avenue in South Canby and runs to the Willamette River in North Canby.

Outside of the small town of Canby, The Flower Farmer is a great place to ride a train, get fresh fruits and vegetables and get up close to some farm animals. There are different attractions on the farm depending on the season, so make sure to check the website before heading out if you want to know what’s out on the farm.

Attraction: Farms, Sightseeing

If there is one thing in Canby that is the best kept secret, it’s a 3.5-mile trail that bisects the community, with bridges over roads and highways.

Driving north on Highway 99E as you enter Canby, it’s very hard not to notice the Vietnam memorial citizen of the small Willamette Valley town have constructed.