Cities: Hillsboro

As the government seat of Washington county, and a prosperous center of technological and agricultural industry, Hillsboro is a community with much to offer. Because of such growth, Hillsboro has many employment and education opportunities for its thriving population.

The majestic trees that grace the grounds of the Washington County Courthouse were planted in 1880 as three year old seedlings by pioneer nurseryman John R. Porter.

Attraction: Museums/History

James Withycombe served as Oregon's governor from 1914 until his death in 1919. He was one of only two foreign-born Oregon governors.

Attraction: Museums/History

Sitting behind some large trees, between Newberg and Hillsboro is a farm-themed store that is as authentic as it is special.

Attraction: Farms, Sightseeing

There are many people I know that have avoided Earth Science classes, equating it with a class in trigonometry.