Cities: Mt. Angel

A four-day festival in Mt. Angel featuring music, food, dress and beverages of Bavaria. The event is used to help raise funds for non-profits and community activities in the Mt. Angel area and each year brings more than 300,000 people to the festival.

Attraction: Sightseeing, Beer

This giant sequoia was found as a seedling tree along the railroad tracks by Sister Protasia Schindler in 1893. She planted it in front of the Queen of Angels Monastery to give some life to the grounds.

Attraction: Museums/History

Located about 40 miles south of Portland, the abbey sits on a hilltop above the town of Mt. Angel. The serene setting provides a stunning view of four volcanoes, the foothills of the Cascades, and a great chunk of verdant, Willamette Valley farmland. Wide lawns, sturdy Romanesque brick buildings, grand old trees, and black-robed monks strolling across campus contribute to the site's special ambiance.

Attraction: Sightseeing