Journey Through Time Scenic Byway

Length: 286 miles / 457.6 km
Driving Directions
From Baker City, go west on SR 7 past Austin, then west on US 26 to Mitchell. Go north on SR 207 to Kimberly, northwest on SR 19 to Fossil, then west on SR 218 to Antelope. From Antelope, go north on US 97 to I-84 and the Columbia River. The one-way trip is about 290 miles and takes all day.

Uncommonly rich in history, this route tells stories of fortunes made and lost, of Chinese laborers, of towns boomed and busted, of timber, agriculture, and pioneer settlers. It also tells a special story of the earth's history; of sea beds which have long been dry and of extinct creatures.

The Journey Through Time stretches 286 miles through north central to eastern Oregon. It winds through five Oregon counties, beginning in the community of Biggs and ends in Baker City.