Regions: Southern Oregon

The chocolate store, located on Highway 99, or North Front Street in Central Point, opened its current location a few years ago to take advantage of what business owners in the area call an “artisan grouping.” Lillie Belle is located next to Rogue Creamery (who built the building for him) and it has big windows where you can watch Shepherd make his confections.

Attraction: Farms, Shopping, Sightseeing
City: Eagle Point

The Butte Creek Mill and General Store is still one of Southern Oregon’s favorite destinations today as people come to take home the whole grain goodness of mills flours baking mixes and many culinary treats along with a whole lot of history. The mill began operation in 1872, built by the pioneers with double-bitted axes and hand saws felled trees that were already more than one hundred years old.

City: Eagle Point

Making the perfect cheese isn’t just about finding the right ingredients.

You have to have the perfect humidity levels, the proper setting, but most of all, you need time.

Attraction: Shopping, Sightseeing

After a day of rafting, hiking, wine tasting or Shakespeare, sometimes the best way to blow off some steam is killing aliens.

Or passing your wife on the inside going into turn three, ala Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Wildlife Safari is a 600 acre Drive-Thru animal park. Driving your own vehicle, It takes about 1 1/2  hours to complete.

City: Winston

A long-time Medford and Rogue River Valley business that not only grows pears and peaches, but is one of the largest United States mail order companies. Started in 1934 as a catalogue company, Harry & David now has stores around the U.S. and offers a tour of their facilities.

Attraction: Shopping, Sightseeing
City: Medford

Jerry’s Rogue Jets was established in 1958. Three brothers Jerry, Alden, and Court Boice revolutionized commercial jet boating.

Recreation: River Recreation
City: Gold Beach

A restaurant near Silver Lake, Oregon that offers one of the best, rustic, cowboy dinners this side of the old west.  

Attraction: Dining, Sightseeing
City: Silver Lake