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During the early 1850s hundreds of miners and settlers poured into southwest Oregon and onto Indian lands staking claims and establishing farms.

Spanish navigators were the first to explore the North American Pacific Coast, beginning fifty years after Columbus discovered the western continents.

Aircraft proved their military worth during World War I -- initially for observation purposes, and later for the support of ground troops and bombing.

Native Americans occupied the banks of this river and its bay long before Euro-American settlements appeared.

Region: Central Coast

Few Oregon communities have had a more colorful history than Scottsburg. It was named for Levi Scott, a pioneer of 1844, who homesteaded here and founded the town in 1850.

Devastating waves called “tsunamis” can strike the Oregon coast at any time.

Region: Central Coast

Jedediah Smith, making the first recorded overland trip from California, followed the Oregon Coast northward and on July 13, 1828 camped with seventeen trappers on the north bank of Sm

The main village of the Siuslaw Indian Tribe was situated west of this location near the mouth of the North Fork of the Suislaw River. A.R.

Alexander R. McLeod led the first overland expeditions to Oregon's central and southern coast between 1826-27.

Devastating waves called “tsunamis” can strike the Oregon coast at any time.

The old Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, established in 1871, is the earliest aid to navigation standing within the range of the first recorded landfall made from a ship to the shores of the Pa

Captain Robert Gray, U.S. Naval Officer, in command of the sloop Lady Washington, together with the crew of about a dozen officers and men, left Boston October 1, 1787.